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Marcell Kincses: Coming Out Book, The Story of a Gay Christian Youth Pastor – is out now!

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This book is not a scientific essay, nor a cold theological dissertation. Neither is it the 101 of gay life. I share my own story in a personal and intimate manner, the one of a young gay Youth Pastor, who had to leave his vocation in order to find himself. It is also not my goal to answer all the open theological questions about homosexuality; you will see, that it is not, what matters here. I wanted much more to bring the dilemmas, fears and solutions to the reader, which I have been able to find here and there over the past five years, since the age of 27. Having said that, these dilemmas and solutions are rooted in the theological truths, which were at the very core of my struggles, but which have also lead me to the solutions, and thus are so precious to me. This is why I consider it to be important to speak about them as well, and not stay silent. I am coming out, not just as gay, but as a believer as well, for these two identities are both mine. It is wholly my story.My book is for everyone who has an interest in reading it – not just for Christians. Hopefully I can manage to present gays in a different light, as they have been known so far. It is not only for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community, but for them, too. Also, I hope to present God differently, as to how people look at Him. My story is for the straight friends, colleagues, and family, who are surrounding their gay friend, colleague, or family member, who could say so much more about him- or herself as they have done so far, if they only dared and knew that they could. We have a joint task to live this life well, with dignity, honoring each other, to make it worth living.

    Table of Contents
Postcard from a beautiful journey
My childhood
Rising temptations
The theological framework
I was born this way
Are you a fucking faggot?!
Youth Pastoral ministry and my resignation
When I started off
Learning along the new way
Being incapable
Coexisting with the “I-don’t-know”
My most determining experience at Seminary
What does this say about God?
My first gay sexual experience
When I first registered
Holy Scripture vs. life experience
13+1 things, that my coming out has taught me
Livable gayness
Societal and political impacts
The chase after masculinity, youth, attractive looks and societal recognition
I wrote this book because
Onto the margin of a story told
About the author

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